Aug 1st, Issue #3

Featuring Story: Property Over Purses – Interview with Shanette Williams

– Article Snippet –
My course shows you how to get properties for pennies on the dollar. Once you know you can wholesale properties without having any money or get them very cheaply with tax liens, you can see how much money you are throwing away by paying a car note! Just think about the money you’re spending every month on that car. Instead of making that car payment, you could pay for a property instead!

In my course, some of the tax liens I help people find are the price of the average car payment. I recently purchased a 2,500 square foot home for $500 at a tax lien sale. I have helped others find and buy properties for only $500 as well. I recently read that the average car payment is $499. Why pay for $499 for a car, when you can get properties for $500 instead? For a one-dollar difference, you pay for the car whereas the property will pay you.

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